Friday, May 16, 2014

What Are The Salient Factors Of Leave Travel Concession?

Planning a romantic trip with your lady love? Thinking of magnificent tour? Just imagine bright sunset point with your charming woman. Is it so adventurous, memorable and extremely romantic too? For unforgettable holidays - just visit one of the best LTC Tour Packages in Mansi Travels.

LTC tours have been especially made for government employees. LTC stands for Leave Travel Concession. Any government employee with minimum 1 year of experience in service on the date of trip performed by his/her family is eligible. Government employees whose life partner doing job in Indian railways. On the other side, national airlines are not eligible for leave travel concession.

If both the wife and husband are working in central government, then they can claim ltc for their respective family members. For instance: the wife can claim for her minor sisters/brother and parents, the husband can avail for his minor sisters/brother and parents. But the wife and husband who are eligible as a member of the family of the spouse, can't eligible independently for self. Husband and wife can state separate home towns independently.

Salient Factors Regarding Leave Travel Concession:

1.Family members can move in  more than a group; but every group should complete their return journey within 6 months from the date of outward trip
2.Available in during any sort of leave including special casual leave, casual leave and study leave
3.Do not available during holidays only without taking the leave

If you want to take advantage of LTC tour packages, then contact Mansi Travel now. We are the recognized provider of these types of holiday packages for the government employees. We have a variety of tour packages, so the choice is yours which one you would like to prefer. Our all tour packages are affordable and cheap as compared to other travel agencies. So don't waste your time... go and make your trip unforgettable.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

How LTC Tour Packages Are Best For Beach Areas?

Are you a government employee and willing to visit destination, which is fully equipped with beautiful beaches? You can pick LTC Port Blair Tour Packages for cheap prices but memorable trip. This holiday spot is a second name of excitement and with affordable Ltc tour packages are like icing on the cake. It is only applicable for various units of government employees.

LTC means Leave Travel Concession is the best traveling plan received by government employer to carry on with their leave to any destination on India for himself and his family member is exempted. It is introduced in 1956 for the refreshment of tedious government job. Government provides this leave policy to their employees for rejuvenation. That is why various tour and travel agencies give affordable LTC tour packages. With the help of these types of packages, you can go for a memorable trip.

We all think and plan about the wonderful, we will spend during this period. But some people just spend their vacations thinking about the place to visit. Not anymore, in Port Blair destination will be fantastic to be spent. Let's check the LTC Port Blair Tour Packages.

LTC Port Blair Tour Packages:
  • Return airfare
  • Sightseeing by non a/c shared automobile
  • Airport transfer to Hotel
  • 02 nights stay in a/c room at Hotel Shompen, Port Blair
  • 3 big meals on fixed menu basis
  • Museums trip to around Port Blair city including Cellular Jail
  • Radha Nagar Beach trip in Have lock
  • Every applicable taxes of hotel
On this island you will find everything you have been looking for the place to have with LTC packages. Are you all set to enjoy your next vacation on this beautiful and magnificent island? Call Mansi Travels now... Mansi International brings a new package of Andaman or Port Blair at most affordable price.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Make Your Journey Memorable With The LTC Kerala Tour Packages

Every person on this earth wants to go on memorable vacation. Vacation is a time period where people want to feel relax and enjoy a lot. A phase in which they want to forget all their worries and tensions. When you select the destination it should be the place which is quite and can bring peace in your mind. A place that is pure and natural with a halcyon surrounding. Have you ever thought to trip for Kerala? This place is a perfect combination of idyllically , peaceful, lush green and tranquility. 

On this place the nature is blessed. And it is much better than other strenuous tourist spots. The houseboat journey and water rides have maintained its perfect magnificence. So, what are you waiting for? Make arrangements for this vacation to be spent on this beautiful spot. You will be delighted with this break on this lush green holiday destination which is next to paradise on the Earth.

With this holiday destination you can find an exotic visiting place like Cochin, Munnar, Alleppey and Kovalam. All these places are completely far away from city noise and pollution. Taxi horns are not here to bug you. You can experience houseboat journey in Alleppey. In the evening, you can enjoy the famous backwater rides. For more information: LTC Kerala Tour Packages.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

LTC Tours – Make Your Holidays Memorable at Most Competitive Price

If you want to go to great holidays with the help of the best vacation packages, then pick only Mansi Travel now to get wonderful and peaceful time with your loved ones.

Are you planning for a wonderful leisure? Do you want to face some peaceful time with your loved ones? Who doesn't want to go to memorable vacations with at most competitive discount offers? If you have an urge to spend a fantastic period with the convenient and affordable tour packages. There are numerous companies that offer the best holiday and travel packages at most reasonable rates.  The companies offer dream holiday packages with lowest price guarantee. Why don't you switch to LTC Tour Packages.

The tour and travel company is best to provide high class facilities and amenities. Various people are not familiar with the full form of LTC. It simply stands for “Leave Travel Concessions”. It is a leave facility which is approved by the government of India for the government employees. The facility was established in the year 1958, it was authorized by the Central Civil Services (CCS) rules and regulations 1988. However, after the sixth pay commission, it is revised according to CCS regulation 2008. The grant of the LTC holiday packages is obtained by government employees on their accounts of their while they are on leave.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LTC Kashmir Tour Packages – Make Your Trip Memorable With LTC Kashmir Tour Packages

Snow clad mountains, chilly air and romantic moon night... Isn't it so romantic? Who doesn't want to enjoy it with their love? Have you ever gone to Kashmir for enjoying your trip?

In the midst  of majestic mountains and valleys of Himalayas, Kashmir is like a paradise on earth. Mughal emperor Jehangir has said that Kashmir is a paradise on earth and best place for lovers. Lord Shiva is a owner of Kashmir himself and this place is beautiful like Goddess Parvati manifest. However, the important question is how to visit Kashmir at affordable charges. Come here and no need to worry, when LTC Kashmir Tour Packages are here to help you. It gives quality Kashmir holiday packages on unbelievable price.

LTC Packages For Kashmir is the best and cheap as compare to other Kashmir tour packages. Everyone can afford it easily and can make your trip memorable. While taking any LTC Kashmir Holiday Packages, there is no need to tension as they provide you best in low-price. It is confirmed that you will never get packages like LTC Kashmir Holiday Packages. The group of LTC has ability to make your tour unforgettable. After taking or seeking LTC packages , you will be happy and satisfied.

First Day in the blissful morning, you can enjoy the sips of hot tea with your soul mate and can view an amazing beauty of Kashmir. You can visit famous Shalimar (Abode of Love), Nishant (Garden of Pleasure), Cheshma Shahi (Royal Spring) and exotic Mughal Gardens. In the evening, you and your partner can free for relax to bask an exotic scene of valleys around Vegetable Gardens, Floating Garden, Waterways, Dal- Lake by (Shikara), Lotus Flowers, Water Lilies, Handicrafts Centre, Canals & inherited style of living inside the Lake. Moreover, you can impress you love to gift them something special like Houseboat dinner and can spend whole night in Houseboat. With the help of LTC Packages for Kashmir, you can take pleasure from all these whole day activities on unbelievable cost.

  • Assistance upon reaching at Srinagar Airport
  • Boat Ride by Shikara on Dal Lake for two hrs
  • All sightseeing tours as per above itinerary
  • All luxurious rooms in hotel
  • Airfare
  • N.A.C transport taxes with S.C and VAT

So, are you ready to move..... Why are you thinking so much and waste your time.... do not waste your time. You will never get convenient packages like LTC Kashmir Tour Packages. The group also has LTC Packages Jammu, Himachal, Agra, Shillong, Kolkata, Cochin and almost every part of India. You just book your trip and LTC has everything that would give you something special that you are looking for since long.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How To Prepare For Vacation To 'Heaven Of India'

Are you tired of always being preoccupied by heavy schedules and busy work round the year? This part of the season provides the best opportunity for you to reward yourself for your hard work and to spend time with your loved ones. We have only one life and it is just too costly to let a year pass away without any enjoyment or without taking time off for celebration.

As the holiday season is approaching, good tidings come to all of those who are waiting for the opportunity to explore the beautiful state of Kashmir. LTC is introducing an attractive tour package for Jammu and Kashmir. LTC Kashmir tour packages and LTC packages for Jammu are one of the best holiday packages. Some of the most important and popular tour spots are Shalimar Bagh, Mughal Garden, Nishant Bagh, Gulmarg and Pahalgam. These packages for J&k are specifically sketched for the central government employees. The costs of these packages are flexible depending on the options of available discounts during the time of booking.

LTC is a holiday program and facility offered by the government on India to its employees. The full form of LTC is 'Leave Travel Concession'. It provides opportunities for those government servants who are planning for vacations during their leaves.

This state is extravagantly beautiful with magnificent mountainous landscapes. The Mughals gave it the name 'paradise on earth'. The Mughals treated this region with love and care. Today, most of their efforts could be seen in Mughal gardens. They are the patrons of the present state's exquisite 'artisan-ship'.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LTC Indian Holiday Tour Packages: Boon For Government Employees

LTC or Leave travel concession is travel package services provided by the government to its employees(central government employees). It was organized in the year 1958 and previously,it was organized by Central Civil Services. LTC tour packages are available for central government employees only and not for the state government employees. 

LTC tour packages organized for central government Indian employees, render various types of holiday packages that one cannot decline. Everyone wants to go in some beautiful place where they can spend their holidays with great fun and pleasure. LTC tours are organized to fulfill such desires and needs of the government employees. These tour packages are always central focus for government employees since LTC is a tax free reimbursement facility of the tour expenses provided to them. They can travel with their family once or twice in a year, but only on four income tax year.  

With the help of a travel agency, one can plan LTC tours for the areas like Goa, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Manali, Mumbai Rajasthan and many other famous places.

If you are the government employee and want to avail benefits of LTC tours you can organize your trip with  Mansi international, an international travel agency. They render all most all LTC holiday packages at a reasonable and affordable price.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Enjoy Your Delightful LTC Tour Packages with Mansi International

Central Government employees enjoy the facilities provided to them during the course of their job for the concerned government department. From medical concessions, subsidized food items to travel concessions the government takes care of its employees so that the work quality and output does not get affected.

Employees who take a vacation leave are offered a LTC which enables them to save their traveling expenses. An LTC facility allows a central government employee to travel by air, rail or bus (public owned Corporations) free of cost. The employee and his/her family are also covered under this scheme.

Various travel agencies help in planning a vacation for people and charge for their services. The LTC scheme is also applicable to all those travel agencies which are authorized by the government. Considering this these agencies have come up with various LTC Tour Packages which suits the budget of the employee who is willing to go on tour.

What is LTC 80 Scheme For Central Government Employees?

LTC 80 is a travel Concession scheme offered by Air India for the booking of the air tickets at the time when a central government officer asks for a LTC. This scheme is valid for employees who are drawing a salary of Rs. 5,400 and above. The employees who come under this grade can travel by air by claiming the LTC.  Prior to 2009, the officers were allowed to travel in the private airline through LTC. They were given the fare amount only which was listed in the LTC 80 Packages List. This was done disregarding the fact that they had to pay the extra amount for the private airline's fare.

In July 2009, the government of India made in madatory for the officers traveling under the LTC Scheme were not allowed to travel from airlines other than Air India making exception to tours in Jammu And Kashmir And North East.  The employees from the Grade A, B, and C can travel by Air India to any part of the country for vacations using this scheme.

This scheme is valid for the employees of any public sector undertaking, central government, state Government, educational institutes which are recognized or affiliated by a state run or center run University/board. Also, the family members of the officer are alligible to travel on the scheme if they belong to any of the above mentioned branches of the government sector.

There are travel agencies which offer pre-planned LTC 80 Tour Packages for employees of the authorized Grades. These agencies are given the authority by the government to offer such packages.  Various packages like Kashmir Holiday package, Goa Holiday Package and Kerala Holiday package are equiped with trips to fascinating destinations and memorable excursions.

The fares are determined by referring to the LTC 80 Packages List. This list contains the fare charges of all the destinations which are covered under the scheme. This list is updated every year with suitable changes.

The scheme is certainly a very beneficial thing for government officers and their families who are able to take out time to spend quality time with each other and enjoy the scenic beauty of various destinations which our country offers.